Friday, November 21, 2008


This country is so technologically advanced... it freaks me out all the time. With the help of my new time travelling machine, I will give you a transcript of the conversation I had with my brain yesterday. It’s got drama, action and all that jazz... Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it ouuuut:

Well that was a pleasant Skype conversation, albeit long, but it could have went forever for all I care. Thank you Black Mamba. I just told you: 'You have to go day by day you know? Carpe Diem...' Well to tell you the truth, some days, I get scared and I think I might go home to my friends and family. You guys are my new family, and my new friends. You are so right, what if something would happen and fuck it all up?
It also doesn’t help that last year, at this exact moment, I was roaming the streets of Montréal (drunk) with my friends and with Princess Madeleine (Miss you söt). Waking up alone and freezing doesn’t help either.

But what am I saying??? Of course I’ll stay. You guys make me laugh; we have so much fun... I’m healthier, richer, and we look out for each other. We’ll lose a few angels in July but it will still be okay.... right?? (Please tell me I’m right). Also, the Canadian economy is crap, my hockey team suddenly stinks, my best friend is threatening to replace me with the first monkey she sees and it’s way colder back in the 514. Maybe I should just move somewhere else? Caiiimbridge and the UK sound good, Scandinavia as well... Maybe I should go somewhere really random: I hear Easter Island is a great place to celebrate Hanukkah. Or New Zealand, Nadine could help me with that.

Man if I move somewhere, I hope they have Red Bull, Onigiri and Black Thunder. The Holy Trinity, the 3 food groups: Rice, liquid cocaine and chocolate. Wait? Am I delirious, who the hell am-I talking to? Is that Date ( looking at me in the corner? Oh Oh, maybe I should have opened a window when I started using the kerosene heater. I wonder if they have 7/11’s in heaven? Who am-I kidding, I’m going straight to hell anywaaaaaaZzZzzzzzzzzzzzZz...


Angela said...

Just observing that the synaptic activity of a French man's brain is expressed in English.

Ain't science cool?


Thunderstorm said...

You forgot to tell how it is nice to stay in the old Montreal? A nice tiny loft where you can't do party because of the freaking neighbor who's going to call the guy downstair opening the elevator?! Man, you forgot all the good old stuff from here?

Maxime said...

Mais qu'est-ce qui se putain de passe PY!?! Tu ne t'ennuie pas de la dinde émincée au paprika! Peu importe tes décisions futures, on sera toujours là pour te supporter, que se soit d'ici à Montréal ou de là-bas au Japon... J'suis pas trop sur de bien suivre le vibe de ton dernier post... mais bon continue de t'amuser comme tu le fais si bien depuis ta naissance! En passant 'princess madeleine' is no more. Je pense qu'elle est avec toi au Japon..!

Sur ce on se redonne des news el big!


Princess Madeleine said...

Are you relly loosing your mind? Or are you just trying to drink like a viking again?
Yeah, I hear Scandinavia is allright... and UK would be close, so one can just catch a plane to go see that musical anytime.
But you're right. You're doing just fine and you're having fun. Besides it's snowing up here.

I miss those good times, drinking waay too much beer.

mc said...

py, tu me manques tellement! je ne comprends pas ce qui se passe avec toi présentement...tu es heureux? je pense à toi sans cesse! je te parle sur skype ce soir
xxx qui est madeleine?