Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last weekend, I went with the girls to Matsushima.I was with Eeva (finnish girl from Toronto) and our british pal Isobel (I call her Lily Allen). Matsushima was named (from what I understand) after Mats Sundin when he decide to join the habs in 2008 (That or his moms love for sushi... I don't remember). Anyways... The Japanese people, they are crazy about top 3's : Top 3 Mountains, Top 3 buildings, top 3 shopping centres, top 3 ways to kill a whale... You get the point. Well Matsushima is apparently in the top 3 scenic spots in Japan. Welllll, when we were there, it looked like one of the 3 wettest places on Earth. Freakin' typhoon. Rained all day. BUT we still had a blast. On our way there, we studied our Lonely Planet japanese phrasebook. You know me, I was looking for the most random thing. So that's how I learned to say this : Gei no denwa sodan ga arimasu ka? (Is there a gay telephone hotline!!) A sentence I repeated a gazillion times all day. We visited temples and shrines and took pics of Buddhas with some shower caps on. And when we were waiting for the fireworks, the girls took pictures with chocolate covered bananas (to be added on Facebook soon) which reminded me of a Montreal-North gang initiation..... Then amazing fireworks then train, then sleep, then first week at school.

I will tell you all about it tomorrow.


La semaine passee je suis alle a Matsushima avec les filles. J'etais avec Eeva (une finlandaise de Toronto) et notre amie british Isobel. D'apres ce que j'ai compris, Matsushima a ete nomme en l'honneur du contrat record que Mats Sundin a signe avec le bleu-blanc-rouge. Les japonais, ils trippent sur les tops 3... Top 3 montagnes, volcans, top 3 facons de tuer des baleines, top 3 facon de porter des mini-jupes... Anyway. Matsushima est une des trois plus belles places du Japon (et c'est a 30 minutes de chez moi) mais quand nous sommes alles, c'etait plus une des 3 places les plus mouillees sur Terre. Maudit typhon. Mais c'etait tellement le fun... En chemin j'ai appris comment dire: Est ce le numero de la ligne telephonique homosexuelle (apprend le Alexandre Dube) Gei no denwa sodan ga arimasu ka?.... On a visite des temples et on a pris des photos de buddha trop cool avec des bonnets de bain. En attendant les feux d'artifice, les filles ont mange des bananes trempees dans le chocolat et on a pris des photos (checkez facebook). Ca ressemblait a une initiation de gang de rue. Apres, feux, train et dodo! J'ai commence a travailler a l'ecole et c'est juste trop parfait. Je vous raconte ca dans le prochain!


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Man said...

Tu n'es pas chanceux , à Matsushima sous la plue , au moin tu es avec les filles...ahahahaahaa.