Friday, August 8, 2008

Mailbag, answering your questions since 1982

Work? Starts soon, visited my school and met the JTEs (Japanese teacher of English) yesterday. Start on the 18th, classes start on the 26th

Food? Haven't had one bad meal yet. Having trouble slurping the ramen. Tasted the local specialty yesterday (fried cow tongue)... it was allright. Better well done than rare

Music? Awww crap. J-Pop suckkkks. I bought a Daft Punk live cd to prevent going insane.

TV? Lots of baseball (the squeeze is big here) and some crazy, hilarious, cruel shows that I understand more or less

Girls? Hot, they all look super young... Too many of them dress like hookers. Wasn't expecting that. Damned Britneys and Lindsays (Love you Lindsay)!

Guys? lol!! Check this out. That's how some of them dress here. It's a mix of the 80's and the future. Imagine a japanese David Bowie who had sex with the chick from the Jetsons... lol

Why can't you comment my blog posts...? I really don't know. I think you have to register. Some people can, I guess if my dad found out how, you can do it too! lol

Anyways, keep asking me stuff, send your questions @


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Interstella5555 said...

Daft Punk rocks!!