Monday, June 29, 2009

Meena can go to Well

I really think I’m going to stay here only one more year.

Then again, you never know what can happen. I could get married and have a truckload of babies and never come back home. But I have been teaching from this book called ‘NEW HORIZON’ which is what most of the Junior High schools use in Japan and now, I have just come full circle and I’m pretty sick of it. The first lessons I gave when I arrived were about a girl named Meena, she’s from Nepal. Because of the money from her foster program, they built a second well in her village and all that crap. It’s exactly the kind of stuff that they want to hear over here. Some people just want to be told how awful it is elsewhere to make sure that they never move from their comfortable little lives. Well last week, I started telling Meena’s story again and teaching infinitives.

I must have said the sentence : ‘Thanks to your help, our village has another well’ 150 times since last August. I surprise myself daydreaming about Meena falling to a painful death after an unfortunate ‘accident’ in her Nepalese village. It would spice things up. Make my life more interesting. The target sentence now is: 'We are glad to have a chance' Well it could now be: 'We are sad to see that Meena is at the bottom of the well'
The kids would love it. They don’t even understand 75% of what we say anyways. Who are these clowns that wrote this textbook? I should be one of them, even if I have a clown phobia. Here is what I would do:
Unit 1: Let’s learn Braille
My idea: Let’s go to the peep show
Unit 3: Our sister in Nepal
My idea: The Nepalese accident
Unit 6: Family rules
My idea: My first hangover, or how I lost my virginity in a campground at 12.

I’m telling you, It’s GOLD. or maybe I just need a vacation! Well Hot Damn I'll be in Montreal in a month and 3 days!


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Hey Teacher,

Rendez-vous to Canadiens@school. Its school exercises using the Habs(reading with Carey Price, history with Maurice Richard) and paid-for by OUR Ministère. The same clowns that brought you Meena, revisionist history, the religion "melting pot", transversal aptititudes, and literature for the illiterate. I'm sure your students will enjoy "Meena gets cross-checked".


Chris said...

Hahaha!!! You read my mind son.

Thunderstorm said...

Long time no read pour moi mon PY! Une chance que j'avais lu ton derniers post avant celui-ci. Damn, j'aurais trouvé que tu commençais tranquillement à incarner le personnage de Léonardo dans The Beach, davantage vers la fin du film!

Ayayay, le Cirque du Soleil arrive bientôt en ville...