Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is why...... (in video!!!)

This here, is some videos of why I love this country. This weekend, it was the sports tournament in Natori. All the schools were competing in all the sports. To encourage their school buddies, all the students come to tha gym and sing these ''songs'' (sounds more like a war cry to me). Just check out the videos, 5 minutes of your life... You won't understand. You'd have to be a rock to not be motivated by this.

Singin' to the masses 1:

Singing part 2:

The soccer team:

Oh! That's funny I sing to statues all the time too!! (when I'm drunk):

On our way to the tournament (we won, it was obvious no? With a coach like me):

Victory chant to thank the supporters (ultras):


Angela said...

Got to love the paradox - white-gloved "war" chants.

And, despite being slightly off-key(also results of your coaching, I presume?), I can appreciate its collateral effect: to scare the adversary.

Polite agression is beautiful and from the results, effective.


Thunderstorm said...

Wow! This is so funny, they're singing all the time! Are you starting to be a good singer you too PY? So, for 1 hour of soccer, they sing 4 hours! This is so respectful to sing for the supporters. Over here, supporters, wich is only parents, are not really considered... Thanks for all this cultural stuff.


chantal said...

Je pense que le chant même guerrier est un moyen très efficace de rallier les humains dans toute activité.Cette facon de remercier les supporteurs est magique et surement plus appaisane que les cris de Jovani et de bien d'autre parents frustrés...que l'on a vecus.Je t'aime Mom PS a quand le taiko,,,

Mark said...

Wow your kids are disciplined.. what did you do to them??? lol