Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet sweet Internet

Je suis finalement connecté sur Internet à la maison…
Je dois avouer que ça fait du bien. Je suis sur fibre optique donc je peux downloader Pulp Fiction en 5 minutes si ça me tente! Et je peux maintenant lire à volonté toutes les nouvelles sur le coup de patin de Latendresse ou sur les performances de Carey Price. Mais surtout, je peux utiliser Skype. Lors des derniers jours, j’ai eu des conversations live avec les gens que j’aime partout autour de la planète. Et ça fait vraiment du bien. La distance est un concept bien futile maintenant car je peux apparaître dans votre salon à n’importe quelle heure.

Au plaisir de vous parler



I finally have my Optic Fibre Internet.
Man is that fast! And I love it. It means a lot of things are back: poker, and many other!
It also means I can now communicate with the people I love! In the past days, I have had live conversations with Skype with many people. I have talked live with Montreal (duh), Okinawa (exotic), Stockholm (missed ya) and Paris (oui oui). And I guess I was waiting for this for a while. It made me feel better. Thank you for being at the end of the line. It’s good to see you all!
I know home is where the heart is but when I talk to you I can’t help but think home should be where YOUR heart is... I know we’re far and that things always change but I always want to go back in time and relive those days we had together. Nothing can change that.
Man it’s about time they invent that time travelling machine, eh?

Tack så mycket


Angela said...

...will gladly invite you into the usual cacophonic chaos which is our household - Charlotte's high-pitched yells for Edouard to stop the low-grade torture of her Barbie; Edouard's response that he'll do so only if she stops playing her music; Charlotte's resounding "NON"; the thud of a Barbie hitting the wall; our collective sighs as the melodic background sounds of Ponyo stop.

We miss you.

Ida said...

Tack till dig söt. Yeah... a wise person once told me that home is where the heart is, and that really helped me out. I always think about that whenever I don't know what to do.

Take care