Friday, May 29, 2009

School lunch

All school children in Japan, from kindergarden to junior high school, are provided with a school lunch. The Japanese word for this lunch is kyushoku.

Some days, kyushoku means ‘best thing EVER’ and some days I wouldn’t feed this stuff to my dead dog Porthos (RIP mon chien). It usually consists of some kind of meat (or fish), a soup (often miso based), a salad (or ‘salad’), rice (or bread on Tuesday and Thursday) and a milk. On special occasions, we get some form of dessert and some dry seaweed to put on our rice.

So here is an example of a good kyushoku: a nice piece of salmon, some cole slaw type salad, and chocolate chip bread. Here is a bad example of kyushoku: an entire small fish, complete with skin and eyes, looking at you like it just came out floating of the Exxon Valdez spillage, a konyaku salad (*BARFS*), a soup with 5 quail eggs in it and hot milk.

If they really want to make me sick, they will throw in some natto in there.

The picture seen here is my lunch for today. Shrimp gyoza, some noodle type salad with cucumber, rice (in the metal thing), a weird texture soup and some nuts mixed with small fish. A 8 on 10.


Mom said...

A ce que je vois les enfants mangent du poisson plusieurs fois par semaine,ce plateau est très santé.Comme tu vis dans un pays loin de nous a tout point de vue! Bises Mom

Angela said...

As I understand it, it's not Lebon to refuse free food - even if it still has eyes attached to it.

Andrew said...

Dude, that looks way better than ours... LIKE WAAAAYYY better.

Miss. Escobar said...

des oeufs de caille.
et j'ai regardé natto et konnyaku, et j'ai toujours pas compris c'était quoi du konnyaku? un genre de gel gris qui peut être sous forme de nouilles? hun?

bref. combien de temps à montreal, dear?