Monday, April 6, 2009

Filling it up

It is party season here in Japan. In the past two weeks, I have drank more than I should... Goodbye parties, welcome parties, and let’s not forget the ‘let’s drink a bottle of wine in the park and then go for Nomihodais where a robot from the future will try and take your money’ parties.
So now that I am sitting at my desk and my liver is failing me, I feel it is my duty to tell you about a Japanese custom. When having dinner or parties, you cannot, under no circumstances, fill up your own drink. EVER. Usually, if the people sitting next to you are efficient, your glass will always be full. You need to be a good neighbour too. I have developed a sixth sense, I scope the table and look for glasses that are less than 70% full and BAM, I get up and serve people like a trained waiter. And when I get back to my place, my drink is full too. It’s a great system because it gets the party going and it’s super-polite. But also, it’s a bad system because you can be responsible for getting people drunk. My co-worker was sleeping before the end of the party because of my efficient service, and when he woke up, he looked like a cooked lobster with really really blood-shut eyes.

This is the conversation we had in japanese:

‘Are you alright?’
‘Pierre-sensei, you made me drunk’
‘Well I was just being Japanese’
‘Well maybe you should be more Chinese (?!?! I don’t get it, drunk talk, he was laughing)
‘...hmm... ok. You want another drink buddy?’

And he fell asleep again... I win


Michael Vegh said...


Bozo said...

Loves it...
I want to come and see this with my own eyes>


Angela said...

Very bold and somewhat reckless - inebriating someone without the proper enzymes needed to flush the alcohol out of his system (witness the lobster-red face). Your courtesy could have resulted in puke-filled shoes.


Thunderstorm said...

Cette pratique est plutôt intéressante. Il faudrait juste faire attention à certains prédateurs qui rôdent à Anjou. Ils pourraient abuser de cette façon de faire et remplir le verre des dames et ainsi avoir plus de chances avec elles!

J'imagine qu'il y aura toujours des esprits mal tournés... et des foies virés à l'envers!


Maria Escobar said...

de bonnes habitudes à ramener au québec.

luv xxx