Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White day...

No it’s not a ‘Québec white day’, where students go and play in the snow all day. It’s actually a holiday.
Yeah, I know you’ve never heard of it. It is simply the biggest scam ever. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, and it’s a day where women buy something to all the men they care about. So men don’t have to buy anything and just receive. I was very happy when I heard that. I’ve never been the kind of guy who goes out and buys stuff for Valentine’s back home. In fact, my mom has been on the ball every year, buying me chocolate at every occasion. She even sent me some good Lindt choco-crack to Japan... I love my mom! But when I started seeing signs advertising White Day a week after Valentine’s, I was puzzled. ‘What is White Day?’ I wondered. ‘Maybe it’s a day where they can bash on white people, better stay at home on March 14th...’ And then I wondered: ‘March 14th...hmmm’.

You got it folks: White Day is the opposite of Valentine’s Day, where men are supposed to give back (x2) to the women who gave them presents. So let’s say a teacher gave me a box of chocolate containing 30 little hearts, she should get 60 from me. Some girl buys me a Porsche, I buy her a Lamborghini. A girl gives me a 10 inch pizza, a Golden Retreiver, a key chain, a 6-pack of Sapporo and tickets to the Icecapades, I give her the keys to my apartment. It’s just simple math really. HAHA

Man I hate White Day. It sounds so pure and pretty, when in fact, it’s so evil and nasty...


Angela said...

You're just bitching because for once your sex appeal is a disadvantage. Can't have it both ways, stud.

Anonymous said...

J'adore te lire,
Tu me fais rire,
Je suis contente de pouvoir avoir un certain contact avec toi.
De savoir que tout va bien et que tu n'a pas perdu ton sens d'humour.
Mais j'avoue que le white day n'est pas vraiment cool. Donc les filles sont expret pour acheter beaucoup car elles savent qu'elles va resevoir le double. C,est hipocite.

Caro said...

Devious and delicious! HAHA! You gotcha dude! From here i'm lov'in it! Now you know why the devil weir's prada! Man, don't i regret sending you chocolates! Don't forget your mama!!!! AHHHHH!!
Pur and sweet just like you!
luv y'a
Caro xxxxx

christian said...

White day is a shitty version of Steak and BJ day. Or is that Japanese Valentine's day ;D


Mom said...

Vivre dans un autre pays nous amènent a découvrir des coutumes qui sont différentes et nous rendent aussi plus aptes a vivre des plaisirs nouveaux comme *donner* qui est selon moi doublement plus gratifiant que *recevoir*...même si ce dernier est fort agréable.Bises Mom