Thursday, January 22, 2009

Japanese sick masks !!

There is an outbreak of Influenza in the district... I think that the word Influenza might be the word I hear the most these days:

Ahh Natsumi has Influenza’ or
This class is half-empty because of Influenza’ or
Influenza is really bad this year’ or
You wanna go see that new Sylvester Influenza movie: Texas Influenza massacre? I hear it’s pretty influenza’ or also
Would you like some Natto with your Influenza?

Anyways, I have to give classes to half-empty rooms, the ones that are still there either look like zombies or look like they are immune to every disease on the face of the Earth. I could throw a bucket of malaria mixed with a little yellow fever (and a side of SARS) to that little girl; she’ll still show up at 6 am to come play tennis 2 hours before class! But one thing unites them all. Everyone is wearing a mask.

I feel like I’m teaching to a bunch of Asian Darth Vaders. They all have masks!! So as if I wasn’t flashing enough, I’m one of the 5 people in school that isn’t wearing a mask. I was told that they wear masks to protect themselves and to protect others. It’s just a bunch of crap if you ask me... As soon as they come to talk to me, they take off the mask and come inches away from my face. I had a snotty coughing girl sitting a meter from me for 50 minutes yesterday and I was like ‘Oh Oh, I’m in trouble’ but I woke up fine... Maybe it’s my beer a day (or 7), that is (are) keeping the doctor away?

I think the masks are great, but I was told that they think it’s weird when gaijins (foreigners) wear them. But I’m so tempted. They have Hello Kitty masks, Reebok masks, plaid masks, houndstooth masks, argyle masks, Louis Vuitton masks, Lilo and Stitch masks. It’s a fashion statement, as well as protection. I also think it has to do with the fact that deep down, these people are all ninjas (It’s a secret, don’t tell them I told you). But man, I’d be so cool if I had a Burberry mask, or even better, a Montreal Canadiens mask!


Frankyyyy said...

That's clasic ridiculous nonsense PYMP shit!
Love it

Anonymous said...

salut p-y

toujours tres drole de te lire!
tu ecris vraiment tres bien!!
je te souhaite une tres bonne annee mais surtout un bon systeme immunitaire pour combattre l'influenza!
fais attention a toi!
j'ai bien hate de te revoir et te presenter mini daniel (joshua)
je t'embrasse

Simon said...

hey mec, l'autre jour j'ai vu un homme portant son masque, SEUL DANS SON CHAR! WTF! :)

Anonymous said...

Je suis d'accord avec toi pour le port du masque. Il faudrait une meilleure qualiter que celui que tout le monde porte pour être vraiment à l'abris de ces virus.
Jespère tout de même que tu ne pognera pas ce Influenza!

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi au travail tout le monde porte des masques...


Mom said...

Qu'est ce qu'on fait avec les visages a deux faces?...Protèges-toi surtout de la bêtise.Bises Mom

Léonette said...

Bonjour Cher Japonnais d'adoption,
Après de nombreuses tentatives,( je suis minable en informatique)j'espère que ces souhaits de Bonnes Fêtes te parviendront. Je lis avec grands intérêts tes commentaires et ceux de la vie en classe me rappellent les bons et moins bons moments de ma vie d'antant. Tes propos sont rafraîchissants et amusants de spontanéité sur tes petits...Bravo pour le belle expérience. Que cette année de tes 25 ans continue à t'apporter plein de belles surprises. J-F et Simon te saluent. Ils sont bien occupés mais en forme.

Tante Léoxxxx

Angela said...

Un bouc masqué porte quoi comme masque?

christian said...

Haha, yeah. Same thing in Fukushima.

Africa has AIDS

Japan has InfluenzAAAAAAAAAAAAAA